At Meridian Business Consultants we take a consultative approach while working with you and your current advisors to help you develop, implement and monitor the below planning strategies.

Asset Protection

Business owners are in heightened need of asset protection planning with today’s ever increasing litigious environment. The risks to a business owner’s assets from creditor lawsuits are a clear and present danger to almost all businesses. more info

Business Continuation Planning/Buy Sell Agreements

Having an up to date properly structured buy/sell agreement between owners is imperative to ensure a company’s survival in the event of an existing owner’s Departure, Divorce, Disability or Death. more info

Incentive Based Compensation Plans

Properly structuring a pay for performance compensation program for your key employees that is tied to profitability and performance measures is imperative to the long-term health of a company. more info

Team Training

It is our experience that simply creating a pay for performance compensation program is not the end all solution that drives company profitability. It is also imperative to ensure that you have built a functional team where employees enjoy their job and feel as though they are part of a winning team and have the resources to accomplish their job responsibilities. more info

Exit Strategies

Most businesses are never exited from by their founders in a way that is considered desirable. From years of experience we believe the key reason for this is due to lack of planning on the business owner’s part. more info

Business Valuations

Having a good understanding of the value of your business is important when developing a business continuation plan or exit strategy from your business. more info

Employee Benefits

At Meridian Business Consultants we believe employee benefits are important in order for a company to have sustainable growth; however we also believe that they are also a double edged sword. more info